When to Bluff in Poker!

Nearly all poker players are aware of what a bluff is. A bluff is defined as the act of making a bet at the pot when you know that you have the worst hand in an attempt to make your opponent fold a better hand. However, that being said, many weak players do not understand

Bluff Raising The Turn Strategy

Bluff Raising The Turn In Cash Games Bluff raising the turn is an extremely powerful and potentially profitable play. Traditionally when people raise a turn continuation bet or checkraise a turn bet, it looks incredibly strong. For this reason, it is often better to raise the turn as a bluff much more frequently than for

ABC Poker Strategy

ABC poker is a term used to describe basic, fundamental poker strategy. A lot of people define ABC poker as playing just tight and not bluffing much, however in my opinion it’s much more than that. ABC poker is the collection of basic poker concepts that are needed to become a winning poker player in

4-Betting Strategy in Poker

4-betting has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. The main reason for this is that it’s one of the best ways to combat players who 3-bet too often with unbalanced ranges. In the following article I aim to talk about the best situations to 4-bet as a bluff and the various factors

American Roulette Vs European Roulette

The European roulette wheel, or sometimes called the French roulette wheel, is a wheel that contains 37 colored slots. 18 red slots, 18 black slots and the 0 square. The European Wheel was the first ever roulette wheel. It was created in France (Thats why its sometimes called French Roulette) way back in the 18th century. The

Is Online Gambling Safe?

“Are online casinos safe?”, this is the first question many potential online gamblers ask before making the leap to playing online.  In the following article i aim to answer this question decisively and hopefully clear up any of your concerns about gambling on the Internet. Now lets get started! Before signing up to any online casino we

Live Casino Guide

 The advancement of technology has brought on many great benefits to society. Live dealer casinos are one of those such. A live casino works like this: Players place bets as they would in their favorite casino games. After the bets have been made, the player plays the game as if he was in the casino himself. The player

Casino Withdrawal Tips

So you have been fortunate enough to win some money at an online casino. Now you want to get your hands on that cold hard cash, that’s understandable. The following article aims to talk about your various options for withdrawing your winnings as well as the process you may have to go through to get your money.

7 Awesome Video Poker Tips

Video poker is a fantastic draw poker game. The brilliant thing about video poker is that when played optimally you stand a magnificent chance of beating the casino. However, for every one person who knows the optimal strategy to beat the casino, there are 10 people who play poorly and give away their money. The

6 Key Tips For Gambling Online

I have been gambling online now for many years and i am proud to admit that i have not lost my house. I love the thrill of gambling, winning a thousand dollars in a night is such an amazing feeling. The rush of hitting your number on the Roulette wheel, getting dealt Blackjack three times