7 Awesome Video Poker Tips

Video Poker Tips

Video poker is a fantastic draw poker game. The brilliant thing about video poker is that when played optimally you stand a magnificent chance of beating the casino. However, for every one person who knows the optimal strategy to beat the casino, there are 10 people who play poorly and give away their money. The following article gives you 5 key tips for beating the casino and profiting from video poker.

Tip #1 – Not all video poker games are equal: The payout table is crucial in video poker. Some video poker games have a house edge of up to 10%, some provide full pay. Meaning that you can get 100% of your gambled money back if you play correctly. Full pay Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are my favorite versions of video poker and provide the player a great chance of winning some serious cash.

Tip #2 – Bet the maximum coins: Virtually all video poker machines provide a bonus payout for betting the maximum amount of coins.  If you are lucky enough to get a Royal Flush, you want to get the maximum money back for your good fortune. Betting the maximum coins decreases the house edge dramatically so therefore its advisable not to bet the minimum.

Tip #3 – Play for cheap until you understand optimal strategy: Check out our relevant video poker pages on the site to learn a optimal strategy for each video poker game. Until then, we suggest you play for cheap whilst you learn the game. That way, if you make some mistakes by deviating from optimal strategy it will not cost you much money. Even better, most online casinos offer a free play version of the game. The free play games are a great way to learn video poker before you risk any of your hard earned money.

Tip #4 – Take your time to study every hand: When playing video poker there is no time limit. You can take as long as you wish to make each decision. Although the bright flashing lights are exciting, in order to get the most out of video poker you must use your brain and take the time to think through your options. If you act quickly and irrationally you will make mistakes and give away money to the casino.

Tip #5 – Jacks are better than aces in video poker: In games like Jacks or Better, the jack is always better than the ace. The reason for this is because jacks provide more opportunities to make straights than an ace.

Tip #6 – Never keep a kicker: Lets say you are dealt JJA52 in Jacks or Better. Obviously you will want to keep the pair of jacks. However, some people also keep the ace as well. This is a mistake and in fact reduces your odds by 5%. When you have a pair, never keep a kicker with it, it will cost you money in the long run.

Tip 7 – Never break a 5 card winning hand unless you can draw to a one card royal flush: Lets say you have been lucky enough to be dealt a flush. But your hand is KJQT2 of the same suit. Although its tempting to keep the flush and pocket the money, your return will be much higher if you drop the 2 and draw again. In the rare case that you draw the ace of that suit you will hit the jackpot big time and be rewarded by a mega prize for the elusive Royal Flush.