How to Play Pocket Jacks and Pocket Tens

Pocket jacks and pocket tens are one of the most difficult types of poker hand to play. On one hand they are very strong; they are in the top 4% of all poker starting hands. But on the other hand, when all the money goes in pre flop, you are frequently against better hands only.

How to Play Pocket Aces and Pocket Kings

Pocket aces and pocket kings, otherwise known as the preflop nuts are the two most profitable starting hands in poker. They are so strong that they should virtually never be folded before the flop and if you play them correctly, they will be a large source of your poker profits. Preflop Strategy I will never

How to Play a Set

When you make a set in poker – IE 3 of a kind, you stand to profit. How much you actually profit will be determined by how well you play your sets. If you slowplay in the wrong situations you could end up getting outdrawn. Likewise if you play overly aggressive you could scare your

How to Play a Flush Draw

You called preflop with two suited cards and then you see another two of your suit on the flop.  You have seen this situation hundreds of times, you have flopped the infamous flush draw and now you have to decide whether to play it fast or slow. The following article aims to answer this question

Fold Equity Explained

When people talk about fold equity, they are talking about the chances of their opponent folding when they bet or raise. Commonly you will hear experienced poker players making statements like, “I shoved all in because I had some fold equity”. What the typical player means by saying this is that they estimated that their

How to Exploit Weak Poker Players!

In poker, playing against the fish is definitely one of the most underrated skills. Nowadays there is so much emphasis on how to outplay the regulars that playing against the fish is often neglected. In the following article I aim to give you the best practices for profiting against the fish. In order to give

Early Stages MTT Tournament Strategy

So you have just bought in to an MTT and you are in the first couple of blind levels. How should you play? Should you play loose or tight? Aggressive or passive? Should you limp? What hands should you call with? These are all valid questions and in the following article I will aim to

Characterizing Your Poker Opponent

Characterizing your opponent is probably one of the most important things you before playing a pot with them.  By characterizing I mean defining how your opponent plays, is he passive? Is he aggressive? Is he tricky? Is he good? Etc Aggressive vs Passive Poker Players The most important characterization you can make on your opponent

Bankroll Management Strategy

One of the biggest reasons why people go broke in poker is because they keep an insufficient bankroll. Luckily when I first started learning to play poker I was naturally very cautious. My first deposit was just $50 and started playing the lowest stakes games available (1c/2c). Most players however start out by depositing says

Carbon Poker Review

Carbon Poker is the first and largest poker site on the Merge Poker Network. The site was established back in 2006 and has since become one of the largest poker sites in the world. Since the UIGEA and the seizure of Pokerstars, Full Tilt and UB players funds, there are few places in which poker