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Ironically in the “The Land Of The Free”, you are not allowed to gamble on the internet within the privacy of your own home.  In 2006 the US government passed the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), that in short banned online casinos from processing credit card transactions from US online gamblers. This created a predicament, many offshore online

Video Poker Rules, Odds and Strategy Tips

Video poker is one of the most popular forms of gambling. The reason it is so popular with gambling connoisseurs everywhere is because it has a low house edge, a strategic element and a possibility to win large amounts of cash if you are lucky. Not all types of video poker are the same. There

Jacks Or Better Video Poker – Rules, Odds, Strategy

Jacks Or Better is one of my favorite video poker games. The reason for this is that it is very simple to learn and when played optimally, has a very very low house edge. For that reason, you stand a great chance of beating the casino whilst playing this game. That is, assuming you understand the rules,

3 Card Poker Guide – Rules, Odds and Strategy!

3 Card Poker Rules 3 Card Poker is an increasingly popular casino game. The game pits the wits of the player against the casino dealer. As the name suggests, both the player and the casino dealer are dealt 3 cards each and the strongest poker hand wins. There are however a few other rules you

Sic Bo Rules, Odds and Strategy Tips

Sic Bo is a popular Chinese dice game that is starting to becoming increasingly popular in western casinos as well as many online casinos. The game itself is very simple, players place betting chips on to the Sic Bo board and get paid based on the results of the 3 rolled dice. Players should be careful about

Pai Gow Poker Rules, Odds and Strategy!

Pai Gow Poker is often confused with Pai Gow. They are actually two separate games, however Pai Gow Poker is the most popular variation of the game and is found in virtually all online casinos as well as many live casinos. Pai Gow Poker is played with a 53 card deck. The standard 52 cards and a

Let It Ride Poker – Rules, Odds and Strategy!

Let It Ride poker is a simple card game that only takes a few moments to learn. Like all poker games, you win money based on the strength of your 5 card poker hand. Players start out by placing 3 equal bets. After placing the initial bets, the player is dealt 3 cards face up

Blackjack Rules, Odds and Basic Strategy

Play Blackjack @ Rushmore Casino – USA Players Welcome! Blackjack or “21″ as its known by non blackjack players, is the worlds most popular casino game.  The popularity of the game is directly related to how easy it is to learn, the competition of beating the dealer and of course, the low house edge. The Rules

Deuces Wild Video Poker – Rules, Odds and Strategy

The thing i love about deuces wild video poker is that its a very simple game and is fantastic for video poker newbies. The rules are easy to learn, they are as follows: You are dealt 5 cards. You then decide which cards you want to hold. You then draw 5 cards (Minus the cards

Craps Rules, Odds and Strategy Tips

When i first saw a craps table i was somewhat intimidated. There seemed like a myriad of complex bets and the game just generally seemed confusing to me. However, after being explained the rules and playing a few games i quickly got the hang of it and it become one of my favorite casino games. For those of you who