Roulette Rules, Odds and Strategy Systems

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. The meaning of the term roulette comes from France and means “little wheel”.  The popularity of the game comes from the simplicity of it. It only take a few seconds to fully understand this fun little casino game.

How To Play Roulette

Players place bets and win or lose based on the result of the wheel when it stops spinning. In total there are 37 (European version) or 38 (American version) squares on the wheel.  Players can bet on red or black, odd or even, a certain section of numbers or even individual numbers.

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Roulette Odds

On red or black bets, the payout is 1:1. So for example, if you bet on “odd or even” or “red or black” you double your bet if you win and lose your bet if you lose. For example, a player bets $10 on red. If it lands on red, he is returned his original bet and given an extra $10. If it lands on black the player loses and the casino takes his money.

Individual number bets payout 35:1. Bet $1 and receive $36 if you win.

And 3rd bets such as “1st dozen” bets pay out 2:1. Bet $10, receive $30 if you win.

The house advantage comes from the green 0 square on the roulette wheel.  On a single green roulette wheel the house advantage is approximately 2.7%. On a double green wheel the house advantage is 5.26%. This means for every $100 you bet you are expected to lose $2.7 on a single green roulette wheel.  Therefore if you want to maximize your chance of winning we suggest that you only play on roulette wheel’s with a single green square.

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Roulette Strategy and Systems

No matter what anyone tells you, its impossible to gain a mathematical edge against the casino whilst playing roulette. The reason for this is that each spin is independent and the green square always gives the casino a slight mathematical edge.

That being said, there are various roulette systems that allow players to win for a long time should you be fortunate enough not to get unlucky (For example losing 8 even money bets in a row is approx 0.4%). However, in the long run all roulette systems will lose the amount that the casino’s edge is.

The most famous of all roulette systems is the Martingale system. The system starts out by betting a small amount (usually $1) on red or black. Should you win the bet you pocket the $1 and start again by betting $1. If you lose your bet, you then double your bet to $2. If you win you pocket the $1, if you lose you double your bet again and so on.

The reason why the martingale system does not work is because of table limits. Most tables have a maximum bet, usually $200 on a $1 minimum table.  This means after losing 8 bets in a row you have reached the table maximum and can no longer continue doubling your bet (You could take your action to a higher limit table but do you really have the stomach for that?).

Although the odds are slim of losing 8 bets in a row (0.4%), eventually you will lose. The only way to win using the Martingale system is to have no table limits and an unlimited supply of money, in reality this situation doesn’t exist and means that it is impossible to profit longterm using the Martingale system. Eventually you will  either run out of money or hit the tables maximum bet.

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