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Video Poker Guide

Video poker is one of the most popular forms of gambling. The reason it is so popular with gambling connoisseurs everywhere is because it has a low house edge, a strategic element and a possibility to win large amounts of cash if you are lucky.

Not all types of video poker are the same. There are in fact many different kinds of video poker, each with different rules and payout structures. Some of the best video poker games pay out nearly 100%, whereas the worst video poker games pay out around 90%. For that reason its advisable to do your research on different video poker games and the payout tables at your chosen casino.

Below are our video poker guides. Each guide is specifically made for a specific video poker variant. You will find tips, odds, rules and strategy for each game. We advise that you read each guide before you play any particular video poker variant. That way you can figure out the optimal strategy and stand the best chance possible of beating the casino.

Video Poker Guides

Video Poker Tips

Shop around for pay tables: You may be playing the same video poker game at each casino you play at, but the pay tables could be drastically different. Take the time to find a video poker game with a good pay table. It could be the difference between the casino having a 0.5% edge and a 10% edge.

Bet the maximum coins: Pay tables are often beneficial to those who bet the maximum coins. By doing this you reduce the casinos edge and maximize your chances of winning.

Play within your bankroll: Do not gamble more than you can afford to lose. Video poker is a great game to play because the house edge is often very low. That being said, do not bet more than you can handle to lose. Remember, if you don’t bet it, you can’t lose it.

Learn the optimal strategy: Each type of video poker has a different strategy. For example, although similar, Jacks Or Better and Deuces Wild have a different optimal strategy. Learn the optimal strategy and you will be giving away very little money to the casino.

Know when to run: Past events do not effect future events in video poker. IE if you are losing, you are not more likely to win if you keep playing. And the opposite, if you have a big win you are not more likely to lose after. That being said, i like to take wins, it makes me feel better. So any time i hit a big paying hand, i finish for the day and take the win. Likewise, before i start playing i have a maximum loss number in mind. When i reach that number i stop no matter what. This allows you to have control over a game that is largely luck dependent.

It’s also worth noting that, when you are losing you are more likely to make strategy mistakes that deviate from optimal play. For that reason, you are more likely to play better when you are winning.